Ladyboy Amy – What a Cute Kathoey Girl is All About!

Cute Sexy Asian Girl AmyNow this is what Asia is all about.  Young sweet sexy Kathoey Girls just like Amy.  It took me sometime tonight to find a girl I wanted to post about from Asian TS.  There are so many hot ladyboy girls on that site that sometimes I just have a hard time deciding who will appear on my site.  Luckily Ladyboy Amy grabbed my attention and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.  With her cute red dress, those long white stockings and a cuteness that you just cant ignore.

Her long dark hair that hangs over her dark Asian eyes, the soft doll like skin and red glistening ruby lips make this sweet girl so desirable.  Looks like we are in her apartment tonight and she is so excited to see you and get you excited.  Just because she is a good girl most of the time doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a bad side.

She wants to show you her hard cock inside her panties and when you see it you will be surprised on how big and throbbing of a dick she has on such a slim sexy frame.  I don’t know about you but that bottom photo would be a great position to be in.  Hovering over her getting ready to feel her tight breasts and hard nipples, kissing those moist lips and listening to her breathe in anticipation of a night of pure sex is almost to much to bare.

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Lovely Cute Ladyboy Amy