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Ladyboy Crush Returns

Years ago there was a site called Ladyboy Crush. It was one of the hottest Asian transsexual sites at the time though to be honest there were only a few online. As times changed so do the world of porn and Ladyboy Crush closed down. However, the folks over at Ladyboy Gold could not let this happen and decided to not only buy all the old content but to bring it back online and updates as well. I believe they even hired one of the original photographers or at least found someone with a similar style. Ladyboy Crush for years gave some amazing content and brought the world great interest in these sexy Asian Ladyboys. So it is great to see it back and online. I have a full review of Ladyboy Crush so make sure to check it out. In fact joining the site gives you full access to the Ladyboy Gold network which in my opinion is one of the best sites ever for Asian Ladyboy Adult Porn.