Ladyboy Ice Casanova In Cum Melt In Your Mouth!

Melt in your mouth Ladyboy

Well Ice Casanova is this ladyboy’s name but her body is hot as fire. How would you like to come back to your place and have this girl waiting for you in your room sitting just like that in your favorite chair.  Dark long hair, eyes that seem to have only one goal and that is to look up at you while she wraps those pink lips around your cock.  Sexy white bra top that can’t hide those hard brown nipples that are perky and trying to break out of her top.  Sexy creamy skin, so smooth as you look down her tight little body to a cute pair of white cotton panties with a little Asian Bulge.  Then those hot high white stockings all the way down those long slender legs to a pair of sexy heels.  She is smiling because she saw your reaction once you walked in the room.  She knew that she was going to grab your attention but is still horny and pleased that you look like you approve.  Perhaps even giggling from seeing the bit of drool that is falling from your lips.

Well she wants to do a little show for you before you fuck that Thailand pussy.  She plays with her tits first to get you going. Pushing them together and kissing and licking them with her tongue.  Then she takes that top off to reveal a hot pair of round firm tits.  Doing a little dance she turns around and you see that smoking tight ass that those panties are holding in.  Fucking sweet you think to yourself as she slowly pulls down her lingerie and a hot shaved she cock is already moist with precum.  She gets on her hands and knees to spreads her ass open for you to see what you will be anal screwing all night.  Moving to the chair she sits down and opens her legs wide open and begins to stroke her fine shaft.  Ice gives you a little wink and a come here motion with her finger.

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