Ladyboy Kate Hot Tuna Bar Pattaya, Thailand

Ladyboy Superstar Model Kate Naked

Ladyboy Kate Hot Tuna Bar Pattaya

In Pattaya, Thailand there is a ladyboy  bar called Tuna Bar on Walking Street in the sex district area of the city. Tuna Bar has a lot of high end ladyboys working there including the lovely Kate. Kate is one of those model looking ladyboys with a face that could launch a thousand ships sort of speak and an ass that I am sure that you would want to visit. Tuna Bar is just an outside bar with a few pool tables and the ladyboys that work there are usually there and on the street searching for customer prey.

Since Walking Street is such a party street many guys are drunk and horny and looking for a hot girl or ladyboys or both and Kate is there to help them out. Her ass is pretty big for a ladyboy but I would still love to give it a go, a lot of the ladyboys enjoy making their behind bigger and making their nose different, trying to look more Western. Something I personally do not enjoys I love the Asian look that is why I visit Thailand in the first place, not to go see Asian girls that look like Western girls. In any case I am rambling and Kate though has some work she is still one beautiful ladyboy and one I would love to hook up on my next trip.

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Ladyboy Kate Hot Tuna Bar Pattaya, Thailand