ladyboy yoko

Petite Chiang Mai Sexy Ladyboy Yoko

Yoko is back for her fourth scene over on Franks’s Tgirls.  She is a cutie from Chiang Mai which is up North in Thailand but she now lives and works in Bangkok.  She is a doll and she loves to dress up at night, look sexy and head to the bar where she works looking for guys just like you.  Of course she also wants to go home with you and this petite little firecracker always looks amazing as she walks into the bedroom.  She has a tight little body with a good size cock for her frame.  She says she is versatile and can be on top or the bottom and yes she will be happy to do both.  She just loves sex of all types and if you want to ride her all night long she will be just fine with it.  She works at Shadow Bar in Bangkok though I am not sure if that establishment is still open.  She also loves wearing jeans and with that little ass she always gets a lot of looks from guys that want her and girls that are jealous!

Ladyboy Yoko