Ladyboy ShaSha

Cindy’s Secret Bar Pattaya Ladyboy ShaSha

Shasha or Gina as she is also known is back on Asian Tgirl in her second hot scene.  She works at Cindy’s Secret Bar in Pattaya, Thailand.  We thought Cindy only had a bar in Bangkok but it looks like she is branching out if it is the same Cindy.  Surely it is as she was a former working girl herself and she seems to have a good head on her shoulder as she is expanding already.  In any case this post is about Shasha and she would love to meet you in Pattaya, Thailand. She is known for being amazing in bed and with her natural body and hard cock she will surely make you cum like no other has done for you in the past.  Take it from a guy that has been with CIS girls and ladyboys, ladyboys are so much better when it comes to really taking care of your cock, nothing wrong with some moist pussy of course but ladyboys are fantastic and getting you off, who better to know how to make you cum then a girl with a cock just like you!  Shasha also has that popular chest tattoo, personally never been a fan of that chest tattoo but once again I will look past it to get at the good in her panties.

Ladyboy Shasha