Ladyboy Lyla so Sweet and Cute with her Teddy Bear!

Ladyboy Cutie Lyla

If you love teen Ladyboys then I think Lyla is going to really grab your attention.  She is acting all cute.  Playing with her teddy bear, undressing and teasing you with her moist panties and giving you a sweet smile that is almost impossible to resist.  You wouldn’t think this girl would have a tattoo but she does, she is trying to be a bad girl but one look at her and you would never think it.  Well at least until she slides off all her lingerie, and then you will see what this girl has really got.

All I can say is her ass is fucking beautiful.  The movie of her with her legs up in the air and her ass just waiting for you to penetrate is amazing.  Her ladyboy teen cock hanging out between her legs as she puts her fingers in her mouth.  I can think of something else I like to have in her mouth and it isn’t her fingers.  She would look so hot with a throbbing cock in her sweet mouth.  The video with the teddy bear on her cock.  Now that would be a fun time. What I wouldn’t give to be that teddy bear for a night.  Snuggled up beside her as she slides me all over her hot little tight body.  Pushed up against her tits and inside her panties would be a fantasy come true.

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