Ladyboy Lyla – Waiting in your Hotel Room!

Ladyboy Lyla
I am starting to think all Ladyboy girls have fucking hot asses and no matter what Kathoey girl I choose. I will be focusing on it.  Ladyboy Lyla is no different she has an incredible young butt.  I will continue on that later, there is much more to this Asian girl.  I am not sure if she is still a teen but if she isn’t then she definitely has the look.  Sexy long brunette hair with curls and a bow, beautiful dark eyes, really take a look at her first photo in the gallery, absolutely lovely.  Cute soft lips and a bit of rosy make up to give her that sweet and innocent look.  Smooth creamy beige skin, slender smooth legs and even a tattoo on her belly.  Very sexy, some girls can pull off a tattoo and this would happen to be one of them.  Her sexy lingerie only strengthens her hot potential.  I love lingerie that you can see through, always makes the body so hot and desirable.

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