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Ladyboy Misty Soi 8 Escort Thailand

Ladyboy Misty Pattaya, Thailand

Sometimes a ladyboy comes along that is like no one else. Misty is one of those girls and you can find her in Pattaya, Thailand going up and down a street called Soi 8. It is a popular street for bar beers and a couple Go-Gos and Misty can often be found in very tight shorts and looking for a good time. I like to say she is an Asian trapped in a Brazilian body and when you see her y you can see why. She is not your typical skinny petite ladyboy, she is built for sex and even if she is not your taste you really just can’t help look away from her.

Today she is dressed in a hot Rodeo Queen outfit and those pants are just glued to her body and her cock can’t wait to come out. This is actually from before her bareback movie set that she does in the same outfit, well at least until she takes it off. She has got a pretty nice cock and a night tight asshole once you get through that bubble butt to find it. She loves to give and take when it comes to sex so she will be happy to shove her shecock inside of your or take yours.

I was impressed by her cumshot in the video, not so much a stream of cum but more of a wild spray that shot all over her like a mist. Perhaps that is why they call her Misty because she will spray cum all over you like a sweet mist. In any case she has her contact information and more movies inside of Ladyboy Gold, please check it out and support the ladyboy porn community, we need it!

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