Ladyboy Emmy Video

Pattaya Sexy Newcomer Ladyboy Emmy

Emmy is a sweet newcomer out of Pattaya.  She looks great in her swimsuit and she would love to go to the beach with you.  Just one catch she wants to shower with you after to get the sand off and than get into your pants.  Emmy is in her first scene for Asian Tgirl and she seems very comfortable in front of the camera.  She is also very talkative and a bit of a dirty talker.  She sure seems to want you to suck her cock and by the looks of that hard piece of candy it would be difficult to say no to that request.  Emmy is versatile, fun and always up for having a great time in and out of the bedroom.  She would love to have your hard cock tonight and many nights into the future.  She also loves to tease with her longs legs flowing up to that nice ass, get behind her and push her up against the wall.  She loves when a guy does that as they push deep into her.

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