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Ladyboy Nanny

Check out this cute Bangkok ladyboy teen.  Nanny is her name and she just turned nineteen. She is quite cute and has that sweet and innocent aura to her. Long black hair and dark piercing eyes with a cute teen smile and rosy cheeks.  I sexy little red dress on this girl.  It hugs this girls figure quite nicely.  She has beautiful light creamy skin and sexy long legs. She is wearing black see through panties under that dress.  She teases you by showing you her tight ass as she lifts up her dress to show you her panties.  Very nice firm round tgirl ass.

She slides that dress to reveal a cute flat stomach and a little bulge in those petite panties.  She is looking for a man to be her boyfriend or at least to have some fun for a while.  Guys are attracted to her because of her young looks and hot figure and that is how she gets their attention.  Once she gets you back to her place she is interested in some action.  Sure this Asian TS starts off being playful, giggling and teasing you.  Then she decided to do a little strip show for you. She dances sexily around the room and pulls down her dress.  Next she slides down her panties just below her tight teen ass gives you a wink and walks towards her bedroom

You watch those sweet ass cheeks move towards the bedroom, you have to get some of that ass action and you follow Nanny.  When you arrive she has already stripped down those panties and is waiting for you on her hands and knees on the bed.  Her playful personality has become serious and those bedroom eyes of hers are looking straight at your cock.  She licks her lips a little and you can see them glisten.  You take out your hard dick and she cums and gives you a wet blowjob.  She swirls her tongue around your head and you almost can’t believe that this girl is only 19 because she works your dick with fucking skill.

She lies on her stomach; her shemale pussy is waiting for you. Her cock is in view as it lies behind her tight ass.  She wants you to mount her tight butt from the top.  You rub your hard shaft along her hole to tease this Asian girl and she moans with excitement. Spreading her legs open a little more you enter her hole with your raw wet cock. You can see Nanny’s hands clench and tighten as you go deeper inside her. Lying on top of her and anal pounding that ass as you kiss and lick her neck.  The sounds she is making are hot and her hot breath flows into your ears.  Feeling like you are going explode, your cock throbs inside of her.  She can sense what is about to happen.  You pull out your cock and cream her Asian ass with hot wet cum.  The cum slides down between her legs and onto her shecock.

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